about my work

Picasso once said “to draw you have to close your eyes and sing”. And for me this is absolutely true. All of my formal education is in music, both vocal and instrumental. The loss of a loved sister prompted a change in my instrument…..to pencil and brush. But the striving for harmony, for an unfettered feeling of freedom, and the honoring of form and balance continues in my mind and on the paper and canvas.


My work is a reflection of what I see and what I feel. How I think. And how the earth has unfolded. I use geometric shapes and their comforting consistency juxtaposed with organic shapes that somehow seem to draw themselves. I see human form and intent in all of my work….figurative or abstract. And I love the process of assembling lines and shapes, colors and patterns until it works. I am always searching for the ending. Watching for the exit.    




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